Clarlen Nurs​​ery

MSDE Childcare License #33734

Clarlen Nursery offers part-time, half-day programs for preschool-aged children 2-4 years old that emphasize play, social skills, emotional regulation, and relationships.

Small classes and two-deep staffing ensure personalized attention and ample support.

A Brief Philosophy

Social development and the relaxed enjoyment of learning in a classroom situation are high priorities at Clarlen Nursery.  We aim for the child to develop trusting relationships with peers, to find guidance from helpful and supportive adults, and to feel prized and respected away from home. Learning to trust and share, fail and succeed, and to be loved and respected for one’s self is so important for this age group. 

Clarlen Nursery has the time and space, indoors and out, for trying new skills and practicing them. Children will be in situations to feel empowered to make choices.  They will learn to work out problems by themselves as they see the skill modeled by caring adults, and learn by doing and redoing. They will develop independence and a sense of responsibility for their own behavior, as well as sympathy and compassion for others.

Along the way, students will learn foundational skills that will be invaluable in their school career.  Cutting, writing, planning, organizing, letters, colors, numbers, shapes, listening, asking and answering questions, and public speaking are just a few of these important lessons.

Meet the Team

Pictures of Us in Action